How to Finally get Unstuck & Move Forward in Your Life & Business

Do you ever feel like you’re completely stuck and you have no idea how to move forward? People will say it’s all in your head and so what if it is, it doesn’t change how you feel inside. It feels like your hands and feet are tied and there’s nothing that you can do to move forward, to move past that concrete wall or escape that dark small room of your mind. 

You know that the reason you’re feeling this way is because of you (your thoughts, your actions, etc.)— you admit it, but yet you can’t seem to shift directions and into a new perspective. You feel like you’ve done everything and you can’t understand why things are just not “clicking” for you.

I know how you feel, that’s why it was so important to me to write this post for you. I want to help you move forward beyond perceived limitations and into your highest truth because you are here for a reason— the world ABSOLUTELY needs you and what you have to offer (your unique talents and gifts). Your higher self has been patiently waiting for you to embody your fullest authenticity, to do what brings your incredible joy and excitement and to lead a purposeful and prosperous life. So how can you begin to do this? How can you feel less stuck and in more alignment?

1. Declutter Your Space

Notice your surroundings. What around you is no longer serving you? Do you have old receipts from 2012 just “in case”? A stack of books that you’ll probably never read? Maybe it’s something entirely different. Just take a moment to truly observe your surroundings and identify what is no longer serving you. Throw things out, donate them or give them to a friend. Clear space for things and experiences that will serve you.

I formulated a series of questions for myself, for this process when I’ve had difficulty letting things go that may be beneficial to you. You might ask yourself the following questions:

“What purpose does it serve?”
“When will I actually ever use it”
“Do I really, really need to keep this?”
“Am I ever really going to read that book?”

2. Declutter Your Mind 

Decluttering isn’t just about clearing your space, but your mind, your tasks, your “obligations”, old habits and beliefs, anything that isn’t serving you on a mental, spiritual and/or emotional level.

A few ways you can declutter your mind are:

Morning Pages – where you write three pages of anything on your mind or anything that rises as soon as you get up in the morning (this actually has many incredible benefits) and you can read more about it here: 


Write it all out – Write out EVERYTHING on your mind out on paper until you feel that you’re finished. However long it takes you, is okay. Allow yourself to vent and feel all the stagnant energy and emotions flowing through you and your pen as you write.

3. Ask & Release 

Ask God/Universe/Source and your higher-self the questions that you need to know the answer to (ex: what next steps do I need to take in my life/business? What needs to happen for me to move forward? What can I do to gain more clarity?) and then let gooo, take your mind off of being stuck or needing an answer at that exact moment and know that without a doubt it will come to you exactly when you need it to.

I’ve found that my next steps and the answers I seek are often revealed to me whilst painting, dancing, writing or engaging in another creative process which leads me to the next tip to help you move forward in your life and career.

4. Experiment 

I have a quote on a post-it note above my desk that says “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”, and it couldn’t be more true! So often we think that if we continue to think about what we’re trying to create and we plan and analyze all the details to the “t” that eventually we’ll know what’s next but more times than not, it’ll just leave us more confused and clueless about our next steps (I say this from experience, trust me). 

I’ve personally found that the best thing to do to get unstuck (especially as it pertains to starting a creative business) is to take messy action over and over again and as you do, your vision and next steps will become clearer and clearer and inspired ideas will come pouring into your life.

It’s important to give yourself permission to experiment by taking action in any direction. The sooner that you dip your foot in the water, the sooner you will know whether or not something is aligned with you or not. 

Be playful and open to the possibilities, focus less on the outcome and the need to make money (as hard as it may be) and more on what brings you joy in the moment. If something isn’t resonating on a soul level, then move on to something else— life is too short to not do work that sets your soul on fire, so let yourself find what that it is that fuels your existence.

5. Declare, Decide and Surrender 

Declare where you are in your life and be honest, take note of all aspects of your situation and what things aren’t working for you. 

Then decide, decide that you will do whatever is necessary to move forward into your ideal life, decide that you are ready for an experience more aligned with your truth, your vision and desires and then surrender.

Surrender knowing that you have shifted and uplifted and that you will be guided to your next steps and if you find yourself caught in the old ways of being— acknowledge it and then choose again. You are your creator, my love and you got this!