8 Inspiring Women integrating Creativity & Well-Being

If there’s anyone I admire more than Artists, it’s Artists who’ve devoted themselves to being a guide for other creative spirits and integrating their love of art with serving others, by supporting them through mindful, creative practices. Not only are these women blessing us with their colorful light and presence, but inspiring us to reach our full potential as wild-spirited, creative mamas.

  So, without further ado, here are 8 inspiring women who are leading the way in the field of creative well-being and soul expansion.

1.  Tamara Laporte – Tamara is a Mixed-Media Artist, Creative Catalyst and the Creator of the Create Your Life Book which is a year-long art course that focuses on initiating personal growth and healing through creative practices.

Website: https://www.willowing.org/

2.   Laura Hollick – Laura is an Award-Winning Artist and one of my greatest inspirations. BRAVO TV even created a documentary about her life as an Artist, called “The Artist’s Life – Laura Hollick”. Laura not only paints on canvases, but she often becomes the canvas.

Website: https://www.laurahollick.com/

3.  Flora Bowley – Flora is an Artist, Author and Pioneer in the Art game. Her journey to becoming who she is today, is both beautiful and utterly inspiring. She wrote Creative Revolution and Brave Intuitive Painting.

Website: https://florabowley.com/

4.  Alena Hennessy – Alena consciously brings spirituality into the creative process, and has been teaching art for almost twenty years. She currently offers online classes as well as in-person workshops and retreats. She also has 3 books out called Intuitive Painting Workshop, The Painting Workbook and Cultivating Your Creative Life.

Website: https://www.alenahennessy.com/

5. Liz Lamoreux – Liz is a dazzling creative spirit who teaches workshops and online courses about creativity, mindfulness and self-care. She’s also an author of an amazing book called Inner Excavation: Exploring Yourself through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media.

Website: https://www.lizlamoreux.com/

6.  Shelley Klammer –Shelley is a leader in the Expressive Arts field. She is a Counselor, Artist and Educator. She has an amazing blog with tons of inspiring content for Creatives, and also offers online creative workshops and courses for healing and expansion.

Website: https://www.expressiveartworkshops.com/

7.  Whitney Freya – is a Spiritual Teacher and Artist who supports others in healing and transformation through the creative process. She has a vast selection of offerings from art supplies and prints to books and online classes.

A few examples of the classes Whitney offers are 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge, Vision Quest and Creatively Fit Coaching Certification. She even offers a free class called “The Life Artist Master Class”, which is a five step and five symbol journey to true abundance.

Best of all, she’s also a Mama of Three and she’s doing her thang! Can we say inspiring?

Website: https://whitneyfreya.com/

8.  Tara Leaver – Tara is an artist, teacher and creative guide. Her Tagline? Freedom Through Art. Now that’s our kind of people! Tara founded #happyartistmovement which in short is about artist’s honoring their calling to create, but you can read more about the #happyartistmovement here.

She has some really valuable blog posts for artists like 24 Ways to Loosen Up Your Art (and create more freely) and 14 Ways to Become a Happy Artist. Beyond that she has also written the compelling book called Creative Spark: igniting your creativity with everyday wisdom.

So, there you have it, 8 Inspiring Women integrating Creativity & Well-Being. If you think there’s anyone else who should be added to this list, or you comment below and let me know.

Britney TollefsonComment