3 Reason Why Your Art may not be Selling & How to Change That

I recently sold my first original painting and although I was of course uberly excited, my initial thoughts were things like:

- “Really? Someone actually wants to buy that painting”

- “I should tell them that there’s some minor flaws here and there” (even though that was evident in the video recording) and…

- “What if when they get it in person, they don’t like it and want to send it back?”

  You see, I’ve been dreaming of making a living as an artist for some time now and I never even knew that I had these super doubtful beliefs or thoughts about my art or my ability to succeed. On the surface, I knew it was absolutely possible to sell my art and make a living from it, but on a deeper, subconscious level, I didn’t believe my art was worthy or good enough to be compensated for.

  Because this awareness came as such a surprise to me, and I can now see where I was creating resistance in receiving compensation for my art and other creative endeavors, I felt immediately guided to share my experience and findings with you.

  In this post, you can expect me to cover 3 things that may be holding you back from selling your first piece of art or selling any of your creative work consistently, and how to overcome them.

1.       Your Beliefs

If you don’t believe that your work is worthy of compensation, it’s unlikely to sell or to sell consistently.

But a shift in consciousness can happen overnight and I want to go through a few steps to help you change the beliefs that are holding you back. And even though not all beliefs will immediately cease to exist, you can begin to see results of shifts almost immediately.

Now, the night before I sold my first painting, I listened to a guided meditation called the “World’s Most Powerful Guided Meditation to Manifest Money” and I absolutely believe it supported me in shifting my subconscious beliefs from lack to abundance. And I highly recommend you to check it out after this post 😊.

Another powerful way to shift your beliefs is to bring awareness to them. Ask yourself some general questions like:

“Is being an artist something I truly desire, or is there something more that I am not seeing?”, “What is it that’s holding me back from achieving my goals?” and “What belief do I have that’s holding me back from making the sales that I desire to make?”

These questions will set the foundation for deeper, more specific ones such as:

“What in me feels that my art is not worthy of compensation?”, “Do I have any subconscious beliefs that say I am not worthy of compensation or doing the work that I love?” and “What needs to change in me to bring myself into alignment with my true desires?”

Once you’ve gained some clarity around what’s holding you back, you can create a list of all of those things and thereafter write something like “I am ready to change old thoughts, patterns and beliefs. I am ready to align with my true nature. I let go of these false perceptions and replace them with the truth now”… then proceed to write affirmations in alignment with your vision and come to know that indeed, you and all of your works are worthy of massive compensation.

2.       Your Energy

Sometimes when we want something so bad, we attach ourselves to the outcome and the idea of when and how it needs to happen and we project this urgent and scarce energy which in turns creates an energetic barrier to receiving our desires.

I will admit, that letting go of attachment is one of the most challenging things in attracting your desires both because either it can feel like you’re letting go of your desires completely and so it’ll never manifest or you might not even know that you’re creating any kind of resistance, since sometimes these things can be so subtle.

Although there’s plenty of ways to let go of resistance and tap into flow, one of my favorite ways is to color and not just color, but to do it with intention.

Prior to coloring, determine what it is that you feel attached to (be it an outcome, feeling, thought, idea) and make the decision to lovingly release that attachment. As you color, acknowledge reoccurring thoughts and allow yourself to feel your emotions as they come up, and then allow it all to flow through your fingertips onto the paper to be consciously released.

Through this process you should begin to feel lighter and when you feel as though you’ve come to a place of inner-peace around the issue at hand, affirm:

“All is well, all that I desire comes to me in divine order/timing, it is safe for me to let go as I know that all that I truly long for, comes to me now with ease and grace…”

or whatever other affirmations that resonate with you.

3.       Your Drive & Your Truth

How bad do you want to succeed (sell your art, write your blog, etc.)? And is it worth devoting your time to on a daily basis? Now, I understand starting a business can be and is often very time-consuming and stressful, but you must be willing to do the work despite your current circumstances, challenges and perceived limitations.

I know that life can be hard, I get it, trust me. And I know that you have so much on your plate already and finding time to work on your business can seem relatively impossible, but if you have the desire in your heart, understand that it is there for a reason and you have everything you need right now to see them through.

That said, if you absolutely can’t find the time, it’s possible, even probable that it’s just not what you truly desire. And I say this because when you truly desire to do something, it’s like you can’t not do it.

That is not to say that there won’t be times you feel unmotivated or days where inspiration seems to be lacking, however on these days, your true desires will remain more important than your temporary desire to sleep or slack.

So, if this issue is something you struggle with, you could ask yourself questions like “how committed am I to my success?” and “What’s stopping me from reaching my goals” and if you can’t seem to get behind staying consistent with your work, ask if yourself if it’s really in alignment with your truth.

Keep it real with yourself and don’t hold back your truth out of the fear that others will judge you or for any other reason. You DESERVE to have all the desires of your heart.

So, I hope this post helped you or triggered an aha moment. If it did or even if it didn’t, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below or any thoughts you’d like to share. And as always, if there’s anything you’d like me to answer or write about, ask away. I’d love to be of service to you in this way!

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