Who I am

Business: Artist, Designer, Content Creator, Creative Entrepreneur & Freedom Advocate

Personal: Mother, Nature Lover, Seeker, Creator, Adventurer & Humanitarian.


My Story

Growing up, I was always very engaged in The Arts. I loved painting, dancing, acting, writing poetry and really, anything that allowed me to express myself through movement, color and play. Gratefully, my Mother was also a poet and artist, so creativity was something that was instilled upon me at a young age and actively nurtured.

My creative entrepreneurial journey really began in the fourth grade when I had an interesting idea to start a jewelry business. I grabbed handfuls of paper, stapled them together and drew tirelessly on each one with the intention of creating irresistible catalogs for my finely-made plastic jewelry and going door to door to share my new pieces.

Though things didn’t pan out as planned with that particular business or the other few I had following that, my passion for creative expression and entrepreneurship has been a consistent and unshakable one throughout the entirety of my life.

In 2018, I graduated from my Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program. From there I set off to start a business that incorporated both my studies and passions, and that is partially how Wild Spirit Arts came to be. Although I focus primarily on posting business related content, you’ll find that through some of my work I also make it a point to mention the importance of holistic and creative practices to our overall well-being.

The other motivating factors in the birthing of Wild Spirit Arts was in fact my own desire to rise above poverty, stay at home with my Daughter and create an income doing work that I found to have an impact, without needing to sacrifice my own creative expression. That said, without the strong desire to serve other Creative Mothers in their journeys to a better life, this website or it’s content would never have came to be.

Getting to devote myself to supporting other heart-centered creative women with the unwavering longing for a more playful, pleasurable and prosperous life is a mere blessing, and I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to do this work and help those who find themselves here as best I can.